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The structure of fish plate is simple, it can reduce the impact of the wheel on the rail joint, and increase the continuity of the longitudinal deformation of the rail, and improve the smoothness of the train.
  • Railroad Joint Bars

    Railroad Joint Bars

    Product Introduction: Henan Great Track Machinery Co.,Ltd Add: The West Side of the Southern Section of Pingyuan Road, High-tech zone, Anyang, Henan Contact us: Lei chao Tel: +86-372-5397323 Fax: +86-372-5397323 Mobile: +86-15037221110 , +86-15637231343 E-mail:...

  • Rail Joint

    Rail Joint

    Product Description: AREMA standard Rail Joint (Fishplate) Material: Chinese steel grade 55# Size: 115RE, 119RE, 132RE, 136RE, 141RE Tensile strength Rm: ≥690 Mpa Yield strength Rel / Rr0.2: ≥480 Mpa Elongation A : ≥12% Reduction of Area Z: ≥25% Testing Process: In the rail...

  • Fish Plate Railway

    Fish Plate Railway

    Product Description: Item:Rail Joint (Fish plate) Standard: TB/T2345-2008 Material: Chinese steel grade 55# Size: 43KG , 50KG, 60KG, 75KG Tensile strength Rm : ≥785 Mpa Yield strength Rel / Rr0.2 : ≥520 Mpa Elongation A : ≥9% Reduction of Area Z: ≥20% Brinell Hardness HBW10 /...

  • Joint Plate

    Joint Plate

    Supply Scope: Both Semi-finished products without holes and products with holes can be provided. Round or oval holes, 4 holes 24'' or 6 holes 36'' are available. More than 100 kinds of ready-made mould are available. We also supply special rail joint, such as...

  • Rail Track Fish Plate

    Rail Track Fish Plate

    Quick Details: Name:Railroad fish plate Rail Height:69.85-185.74mm Bottom Width:63.5-170mm Web Thickness:4.76-44mm Head Width:25.4-120mm Length:12m Type:Heavy Rail Weight:8.42-118.1KG/M Bolt Hole Diameter:8mm-64mm Material:U71Mn.45Mn Usage:Railroad Track Material Size:As...

  • Fishplate Rail Joint

    Fishplate Rail Joint

    Railway Fishplate: Railway fishplate, also called rail joint or joint bar, is a metal bar that is bolted to the ends of two rails. Railway track fish plate generally can be divided into 4hole and 6hole. As a connection parts of two rails, rail joint usually work with steel...

  • Suspended Rail Joints

    Suspended Rail Joints

    Railroad Fishplates: It is commonly known that the rail joint bars or fishplates are metal joints which are conductive, however there is a kind of insulated rail joint bars, made of insulating materials, this new rail technology is used widely in modern railroad construction....

  • Joint Bars Railroad

    Joint Bars Railroad

    Rail Joint Bar: Rail joint bar, also called rail fishplate, plays an important role in connecting any two ends of the rail tracks to ensure the safety of the transportation of the railway. As an important railway component, the rail joint bar can be a guarantee no matter it...

  • Insulated Rail Joint

    Insulated Rail Joint

    Product Description: Fish plate splice – this is purely for location purposes and withstands very little load. Using 1 or 2 pre drilled web plates, this connection is generally used to tie 2 beams together end to end where they share the same padstone or other support. Rail...

  • Welded Rail Joint

    Welded Rail Joint

    Rail Joint: Rail joint Sometimes called railway fishplates, rail joints are an important component of a rail track system to connect two rail tracks together. The Fish Plate manufactured by us of superior quality and long durability. We have a renowned vendor base in order to...

  • Rail Joints

    Rail Joints

    Product Description: 50kg fishplate is used for P50 rail to rail joint, each end of rail has three holes, use a pair of fishplate to clamp the rail, use fishbolts to thread the holes and fix it. The Design Drawing As Below: Fishplate Details: Type: Fishplate Material: 45#...

  • Joint Bar

    Joint Bar

    Details of Rail Fish Plate: Type: Railway Jointing Surface Finish: Plain, Color Painting Process Control: Internal Inspection Reports: Chemical Composition, Physical Property and Sizes Production Update: Weekly Reports Will Be Provided Color: Customized Power: Double Spring...

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