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Rail Iron Plate

Good resistance to natural aging , cold resistance and heat resistance, and the subway has good vibration and low noise performance with rubber gaskets.
  • Metal Tie Plate

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    Metal Tie Plate

    Basic Info: Name:Railway Tie Plate/Railway Base Plate Type:Fit to SKL and E type fish Plate supporting cast iron and forging railway base plate OEM is available according to customers drawings and samples. Raw Material:45#,QT400-15,QT450-10,QT500-7 Surface:Natural,Oil,etc....Read More

  • Railroad Tie Plate For Sale

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    Railroad Tie Plate For Sale

    Railroad Tie Plates: Railroad tie plates under the rail connect the railway rails and sleepers. It is one of the important fastening rails, but also support the track of the main force components.With the development of heavy-duty rail transport, the shaft weight is...Read More

  • Railroad Tie Plate

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    Railroad Tie Plate

    Surface Treatment: 1. Plain (oiled) (main) 2. Color paint 3. Oxide Black 4. Galavazing 5. DHG Application system: 1. KPO Rail fastening 2. SKL3 Rail fastening 3. SKL12 Rail fastening 4. Other Parameter of Steel Tie Plate:Read More

  • Railway Tie Plates

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    Railway Tie Plates

    Description: Steel Tie Plate For Fixing Rail Fasteners. Tie plate is a plate set between the base of a rail and a crosstie to distribute the rail load over a greater area of the tie and thus reduce wear and damage to it. Production Process: 1. Raw material 2. forging or...Read More

  • Tie Plates Railroad

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    Tie Plates Railroad

    About Us: We are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of tie plates railroad which are highly demanded in railway sectors. Made of cast iron, iron alloys with zinc plating these products are well known for their durability, high tensile strength and advanced features. With...Read More

  • Railroad Plates

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    Railroad Plates

    Types of Tie Plate: As one of the railroad components, tie plate is used to fix rail to railroad tie and keep the rail safe. According to the different applications and design, tie plate can be divided into many types. Single shoulder tie plate, double shoulder tie plate and...Read More

  • Tie Plates In Railway

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    Tie Plates In Railway

    Application of Tie Plate: Tie plates protect the wooden crosstie from damage under rails and distribute wheel loads over a larger area. They also hold the rail at the correct gauge, tilt the rail slightly inward to help counter the outward lateral weight of wheel loads, and...Read More

  • Railroad Base Plate

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    Railroad Base Plate

    Tie Plate: Our factory supplies new single- and double-shoulder tie plates fabricated from heavy hot-rolled steel sections and punched and sheared to size. Immediate shipment in any quantity is available. Stocks include sizes to fit all standard rail sections and a range of...Read More

  • Railroad Tie Plates For Sale

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    Railroad Tie Plates For Sale

    Single Shoulder Tie Plates: For the single shoulder tie plates, the shoulder is designed at the field end of the plate. Single shoulder tie plates are usually used by rails weights running from 56lb though 100 lb. Double Shoulder Base Plates: For a sole plate of double...Read More

  • Rail Tie Plate

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    Rail Tie Plate

    Rolled Tie Plates: The rolled tie plate is one of the components which ensure that rails be fixed to ground. Rail clips undertake rail movements synchronously thanks to the synthetic elastomer vulcanized to clip permanently in the portion to be contacted with rail. Contact...Read More

  • Heavy Rail Tie Plate

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    Heavy Rail Tie Plate

    Rail tie plates : Rail tie plates are used not only to support the rails, but also to fix the entire rail fastening systems. It always works together with anchor bolts or spikes by sustaining the load of a rail track and also transferring part of the load to the tie sleepers,...Read More

  • Steel Railroad Tie Plate

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    Steel Railroad Tie Plate

    Introduction: Railroad plate is used in rail construction to support the rails, and also to take the load of rail and distribute the load to the sleepers; The railroad plate increases bearing area and holds the rail to correct gauge; The railroad plate prevents damage of the...Read More

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