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Threaded Rail Track Spike

  • Double Head Thread Rail Track Spike

    Double Head Thread Rail Track Spike

    Thread spike of main geometrical parameters: (a) large diameter/tooth outside diameter (D, D) : for the external thread tooth top or the bottom of the thread within overlapping imaginary cylinder diameter. Thread basic on behalf of the big diameter size of nominal diameter....

  • Special Head Thread Rail Track Spike

    Special Head Thread Rail Track Spike

    One, the structure characteristics and kinds of thread spike Thread is a solid outer surface or inner surface of cross section, a uniform spiral convex shape. According to its structural characteristics and use can be divided into three categories: (a) common thread: tooth...

  • TR Thread Rail Track Spike

    TR Thread Rail Track Spike

    How many grade screw spike anchorage with sulfur Cement mortar anchor, screw spike with sulfur sulfur cement mortar by sulfur, cement, sand, and made from paraffin wax, according to the following provisions of proportion of the weight of the dosage of range selected by test...

  • Twist Railway Track Spike

    Twist Railway Track Spike

    Product description: Product name: twist spike standard: AREMA, UIC, or customer drawings and samples production Specification: from 16 mm to 24 mm in diameter, length from 40 mm to 500 mm, or 1/2, "5/8" diameter, 11/16 ", 3/4 "x length 1-1/2" to 20...

  • Wood Thread Rail Track Spike

    Wood Thread Rail Track Spike

    Screw diameter:22 (mm) Category:Self tapping screw The first type:Lag screw spike, hex head thread spike, spike, round head, spike, pointed tail thread spike, double thread spike Groove type:Ss1 thread spike, Ss2 spike, Ss5 spike, Ss6 thread spike, Ss7 spike, Ss8 spike, Ss...

  • Thread Rail Track Spike

    Thread Rail Track Spike

    Standard thread spike, wood, railway accessories production. Level from 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 5.8, 6.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9 and 9.8 on the Richter scale are unlikely. Material basically has: Q235, 35 #, 45 #, 20 mntib, 35 crmo, 40 cr, 42 crmo, surface treatment: ecru rust-proof oil,...

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